Watt Tomita : Golf Professional | Instructor | Teacher
"Teaching is my passion. My goal is to maximize each golfer's potential by helping them understand what their strengths and weaknesses are, both physically and mentally."
TEACHING | LESSONS : Watt presently teaches golf at all levels based out of Brookside Golf Course in Pasadena

JUNIORS (Ages 5 to 17)* I try to make golf fun to see if they can maintain interest in the game. Next, I place a strong emphasis on basic fundamentals and having a pre-shot routine. Finally, I allow them to grow and try to develop them into tournament-caliber players.
*For Junior players: I recommend that you set up an appointment to have your junior player meet me first for an evaluation prior to arranging any lessons.

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watt tomita junior golf teacher
Teaching | Lessons : Beginners (Adults)

BEGINNERS (Adults) : It's important to learn proper skills in the beginning to have a solid base to improving one's game, therefore I concentrate on teaching the basic fundamentals and basic principles of the golf swing and putting.
INTERMEDIATE : For intermediate players, I advance to breaking down the mechanics of the individual's swing and develop a game plan to make the swing more consistent. I also help them improve their course management skills.

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watt tomita golfteacher
Teaching | Lessons : Seniors (60+)
Advanced Players

SENIORS (60+): For Seniors, physical flexibility can become an issue for some players. One of my goals is to teach  how they can maximize the mobility of their golf swing based on their physical needs.
ADVANCED PLAYERS : First and foremost, I work on strengthening their mental approach to the game. Work on how to shape shots and fine-tune their short game skills.

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watt tomita advanced golfers
Teaching | Lessons : Rates LESSON RATES

ADULT RATES : 30 min session = $60
Six 30 min sessions =$300
One hour session / 3 or less person(s) = $100 | Additional $20 for extra person(s)
Series of 6 one hour sessions / 3 or less person(s) =$500
Additional $100 for extra person(s)
JUNIOR RATES :30 min session = $40
Ten 30 min sessions = $300
One hour session = $60 | Additional $20 for extra person(s)
Ten 1 hour sessions = $500 | Additional $100 for extra person(s)

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watt tomita advanced golfers
watt tomita firsttee pasadena

My Philosophy Watt TOMITA

"Teaching Is My Passion"

Every golfer has the ability to improve whether it be their putting, short game, full-swing or on-course management.
I believe improvements can come quickly by placing strong emphasis on these important pre-swing fundamentals; proper grip, aim, stance, balance, posture, alignment and ball position. Each golfer has their own approach to learning.

My role is to understand your style and provide the best communication in order to maximize your learning potential.
watt tomita firsttee pasadena

My Philosophy Watt TOMITA

"Every Golfer has the ability to improve"

Communication is key between Teacher/Student to develop long-term trust with one another. Experience has given me multiple ways to communicate effectively to give my students the appropriate instruction to achieve their goals.

I teach golfers of all ages and ability. Whether the goal is to gain more confidence on the course, to play at a top tournament level, or to have more enjoyment playing the game, I am confident I have the knowledge and experience to take your game to the next level.